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Welcome to Buddee Media! If you’re in need of online business strategy experts and social media tools to support your company, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re looking not just for an agency, but also for a business partner, and even a loyal friend, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Buddee Media is a young company with a team passionate about online business and social media. We offer you a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, market research, online marketing strategy, search engine marketing, display advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, online promotions, online reputation management, mobile marketing, and business blogs. We’re happy to work with clients worldwide, and we have great teams to outsource in Vietnam, ensuring both the high quality of services and competitive prices. And that’s not all!

We offer you the full online digital service, or, in other words, an end-to-end service. Our team is very passionate about online marketing. We always research first, and then create plans which will be the perfect fit for your products or services. Buddee Media offers you both the strategy and the necessary tools for keeping track and maintaining your social media presence. And there’s still more!

We’re not here just to sell you our services. We strongly believe in long-term business partnerships, and we also believe in friendships founded on business. We will carefully listen to everything you have to say about your business goals, your hopes and dreams, we’ll ask you a lot of questions in order to cover everything, and then we’ll listen some more. We will brainstorm the best business and marketing solutions with you, and we will give you both the best strategy and the necessary tools, ensuring excellent long-term results. And, like true friends, we’ll feel proud to watch your business grow, and we’ll be even more proud because we helped your business thrive.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to take a look around the website. Or, contact us now, allow us to help you reach your target customers, and watch your business exceed your wildest dreams!


  • Diadiem.com
  • T&A Ogilvy
  • Moore
  • Zing
  • Red Apple
  • AIA
  • Buds
  • Bach Khoa Computer
  • Square Group
  • Skypersky

our vision

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Our Standards

We don’t just do Digital, We live It!

The best due diligence you can do is to call us directly to arrange a time to talk about what we can help for you. BUDDEE offers real, ROI based, solutions for clients looking for best results